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Personalized Capers - Red

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good for pretend

Good Bday present for GreatGrandson

Review by Grammie

Great gift

I bought one of these for my grand son and he loved it. Now his younger sister wants one also.

Review by staar

Great Price Disappointment with Embroidery

I will start by saying that I haven't actually received the product yet, so take my review with a grain of salt. I did some research, however, and found that the price was very reasonable compared to buying a cape and then having it embroidered locally. My only disappointment came when I got a call from CP Toys telling me I couldn't use "Super Owen" on the cape because the embroidery machine can't do spaces. I asked if I could use a dash, and that was a "no" too. I would think that it would be common for people to want their superheroes to be "Super Kid" in embroidery. I was suprised they couldn't accommodate this request. We had to go with boring 'ol "Owen" instead. :-(

Review by Auntie

Super gift for 3 year old

Wow! This cape is such a big hit with my nephew. He wears it all the time. What's needed though is a matching mask!

Review by Aunt K

It's superhero time!

My 4 year old son loves his superheros! Whether its spider man, batman, superman, or whoever else, he loves them all! We got him this cape so he could be a superhero too! He loves running around the house, saving the world ;) the cape is made real well and the stitching on the name is spot on!

Review by Gene

Perfect - years of fun....

My son got this for christmas when he was 4 and still loves it at 5 1/2. The personalization is so great (especially if you can come up with a cute and appropriate superhero name for your little super hero).

Review by TMURPH

Just what he needs

I got this cape for my grandson's third birthday. He loved it! He's almost 4 now and still wears it almost every day. Now I have to get one for his little brother because he just has to have one too, to be happy.

Review by amandi


I just received my cape that I purchased for my great-nephew. It surpassed my expectaions. This cape is so well made!!! And it is sooo cute. I cannot wait to give it to him!

If you are on the fence about purchasing this, jump off! This is a must buy for any kid with that superstar imagination!!!!

Review by Aunt J

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