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Wood Nut & Bolt Builder

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Product Description

Fantastic toy!

My two daughters, ages 4 and 2 , love building with these tools. It's the perfect gift for all children! A must have!!!!!

Review by Leanne

great toy

My son had one of these as a child. For the past twenty years I have had it as a toy for children coming to my office.. It is universally loved. Parents often have to pry their children away when it is time to leave. Repeat visitors run to the toy when they enter the waiting room. It is lots of fun and lets the children be creative.

Review by amazing toy

Very constructive

My two-year-old loves it. He likes to play with my tools, and this gives him some of his own, so I can have mine back. There's a slotted piece that he calls a "thingamajig", and that fascinates him.

Review by Thomas

Fun wooden toy

This toy is really cool because it really helps develop motor skills in kids. You are supposed to build these creations out of wood using the wood tools provided. It's a very cool idea for a toy. My 5 year old son really loves his and I love helping him with it. Also, the wood is a nice solid wood, so it won't break

Review by Frank

Real cool toy

This thing is pretty cool! I bought it for my 6 year old son, and I love playing with it with him! We like to build different creations together. It's all made of wood, and it comes with little wooden tools as well. Very happy with this purchase!

Review by Mark

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