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Space Mission Rocket Ship

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Bought this for my 4 yr old grandson's birthday. OMG, he loved it! Every time it counts down, he lifts it up as if it were taking off! He had such fun examining the compartments and included figures! The explanations for the computer, bed, control panel, etc. were charming! We had trouble with the ramp/door. The top magnet is very strong. As it is being opened, kids try to pull it out rather than down. As the door loosened up, and he figured out out to pull down, it got somewhat better at staying connected. When he made his birthday wish, he wished for the rocket, even though he was holding it!

Review by Jm

Perfect for grandson!

I was very happy with this toy when it came in the mail. My 3 year old grandson is really into rockets right now and this was the only toy that I found anywhere that was truly age appropriate and had lots of play value. I haven't given it to him yet, since it's for Christmas, but I can bet it will be a huge hit! It looks very well made and looks like it will stand up to lots of play. I'm very pleased with it!

Review by Gramma

Love this toy!

I bought this for my 3 year old as a Christmas present in 2013. I refer to this toy as "the toy that stole Christmas" because when he unwrapped this gift, all he wanted to do was play with this toy for three days before he was interested in playing with anything else! Now, a year later, this rocket ship is still a regularly played-with toy. The rocket is durable, and well made. However, with that being said, the door at the bottom does fall off easily (almost every time he opens the door) and he needs help reattaching it.

Review by Laura

love this

We have an older version of this made by the same company and after 10 years of use, the door broke off. My now four yr old loves it, but the broken door bugs him, so I'm gonna get him this new one for his birthday. its truly a great, sturdy product and the kids love it.

Review by Mom of 4

It's a hit

Bought this for my grandson's fourth birthday and he loves it. Unfortunately for him so do his sisters. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has seven pieces not the six listed in the product description. His included a robot.

Review by MJ

Amazing Rocket

My son and daughter love this rocket. It is well made and allows for a lot of exploration with the opening doors. Excellent toy and it looks great in my son's room too.

Review by mommytime

great toy

my grandson picked this toy out of your catalog, not once but three times to three different people.
Looks like a Santa present...

Review by Joe

My grandson loves this rocket!

I gave this rocket to my grandson for his 3rd birthday and it was his favorite gift of many! It is very well made and will provide him with many hours of pretend play. He especially loves to push the button and hear the count down before blasting off!

Review by Paul

Real cool toy

I ordered this for my 4 year old son. He's always using his imagination to create sci-fi scenarios, so I thought I'd help him out with this ship ;) It comes with a couple astronauts and aliens, and it even does an electronic countdown! He absolutely loves it (and I think it's pretty cool too!)

Review by Peter

My son loves this toy!

This is a wonderful rocket for all ages! My 1 1/2 year old received it for Christmas and he has played with it every day. It fits many of his other play figures (Little Einsteins, Fischer price, etc). My 5 year old son also enjoys his turns playing with the rocket. It is durable, colorful, and has many great figures(robot, astronauts, aliens). It is also a fantastic price for the quality and what you receive. Highly recommended.

Review by Mary

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