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Child-Sized Real Tools

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Product Description

Huge waste of money

Extremely poor quality, the glued-together box and some tools fell apart instantly.

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Review by ADP

Perfect for Kids!

My boys LOVE building projects alongside their dad but often the adult-sized tools are too heavy or large. This is the PERFECT set for them to not only work alongside dad as he's building things but also for the kids to independently work on their own projects. The quality is great and we're really happy with this set.

Review by theteacherswife

Brings me back

This was the first gift I remember receiving from my father when I was a little girl... I still have all my fingers & it taught me to be responsible with tools. Great for teaching kids how to do things for themselves in the real world.

Review by AngelicaKo

Kids tools

I bought this 20 years ago for my oldest son.. we still have some of the tools. I have looked for it again for my youngest, I am so glad that it is still avaliable. It is a great thing for little ones who like to build

Review by Sherry

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