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Basket of Babies

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My boys love these!

My 6 year old son saw this in the catalog & started making plans for his cousin to buy them as his gift in the cousin exchange. :) I bought them instead, since it was over the $20 limit for the cousin exchange. He named them Cheerio, Pinky, Barnaby, White-Tan (or whitey), Limey & Caveman. His 7.5 year old brother also loves to play with them so they share. Wonderful role-playing opportunity for both boys!

Review by Gwen

Best gift ever

Purchased for my 5 year old granddaughter. She loved the babies. They were perfect.

Review by Gram05

Cuter than cute

I gave this to my nearly 2 year old granddaughter and she loved it. The older one (6 year old) also loved them. They are the rainbow babies of the world and are adorable. Nice toy for young kids.

Review by Gamma Lynn

good for 1-3 year olds

very nice toys. Especially like the user friendly products- no sharp edges or anything that could be used destructively.
Good for imagination..

Review by smudge


The basket of babies are precious.

Review by Ignatz

Basket of babies

So cute!...well made and I'm sure will be enjoyed for years to come.

Review by Rhodygram

Even cuter in person

What a great toy! I can just picture how my granddaughter will love carrying her babies around in their basket and changing their clothes. Darling!

Review by Elaine

Boys love these, too

Purchased separately for grandsons when they were five. One has lots of stuffed animals the other had none. Each boy cherishes them. Recently an older brother was preparing for baptism and convinced his younger brother to practice on the babies. They survived their emersion in the water. One boy has named his babies: Truck, Bomber, Sam, Dusty, Glue, and Pigskin. They have had the babies for two years and haven't tired of them. They are being a very good "daddy" to their little brood.

Review by granny nanny


I love any toy that encourages imagination! My daughter loves nurturing and role-playing with these dolls

Review by Tara

My preschool kids love them!

I run a small preschool, and it is always a good idea to have different toys lying around for the kids. I purchased a couple of these sets, and the kids are really enjoying them. They will role play with the babies and swap out their outfits, and come naptime, they always grab a baby to cuddle with!

Review by Ms. Debbie

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