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Self-Inking Animal Stampers

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Way fun!!!

The stamps are wonderful and the grandkids are having a blast with them. The size is just right to fit small hands and they stamp very cleanly, no smudging

Review by Jenny

Great stamps

Great assortment of different animal stamps. Easy clean up, and the ink has lasted for a very long time. The actual stamps themselves all look great. My kids like the dogs and dinosaurs the best

Review by Ted

Great for letters and cards

I got these stamps for my two daughters (4 and 6 years old). They love writing cute little notes and cards and covering them with these stamps. The set came with over 30, so they have lots of options! The ink never seems to go dry, which is a good thing

Review by Stacy

Fun for kids

I got these for my 3 year-old for Christmas. Some are better than others, but my kids (I also have a 2 year-old) love them. The stamps are cute and I use them to help them learn animals and colors. Both of my kids are boys and don't sit for very long, but they will sit for what seems like a long period of time if they can use these stamps.

Review by ChiMom

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