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Talking Teaching Clock

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Great item!

I love this clock! Originally i ordered this as one of my "homeschool" helpers. It's so much fun that my kids ages 4 & 6 just pick it up to play with like any other toy or game. They don't even realize they are learning as they play with it.

Review by Marlaina

Time to tell time

I run a daycare, and I've never met a kid who enjoyed learning to tell time. I think it is because kids don't have a concept of time, and it just isn't fun! Luckily, toys like this make it fun for the kids so they can learn the important skills they need. It shows an analog and digital clock so they can learn both, and it has several quiz modes for learning to tell time. We have a couple at the daycare, and it's really helped to teach these kids the important skill of time-telling.

Review by Ms. Patty

Telling time!

It can be tough to teach kids to tell time. They don't find it very fun. Well of course it's necessary that they learn. We got this for our son to learn, and it actually makes it fun! It shows the time in analog and digital, which is really helpful. It has quiz modes and talks to our son. He really enjoys it, and he's starting to get the hang of telling time!

Review by Lauren

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