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Musical "Pass The Pickle"

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We have many family traditions at Christmas time, and this is one of them. Now that our family has grown to over 30 members, (kids, grands and great-grands) this is the first Christmas in several years that we will all be together. I've already had requests from the kids to play pass the pickle. Even the baby can play, sitting in grandmommy's lap! Sometimes, the simplest things make the warmest memories! This is a great toy, for the whole family.

Review by Family Time

Pass the pickle!

This is a fun game for kids parties! It reminds me of the old game hot potato. The pickle sings a song while the kids throw it around, and whoever is holding it last loses! The kids love it, and it's fun cheap entertainment!

Review by Steve

Just like when I was a kid

When I was younger, we use to play hot potato. Our parents would start the music and we would pass it back and forth, and whoever had it last when the music turned off would lose. Well, this game is pretty much the same thing! The kids pass around the pickle that plays the music, and the last one to have it loses. It's a simple concept, but a very fun game that keeps them busy for hours!

Review by Greg

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