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Royal Puppet Play

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Product Description

My daughter loves it

I bought this for my daughter last Christmas. We have had them for almost a year and they are still in great shape. I bought her an entire puppet show set and included these puppets. These have been very durable going through many five-year olds hands as well as a couple of dogs trying to get their turn too. We have enjoyed hours and hours of puppet shows and many marriages of a prince and princess. Any little one would love them.

Review by Erica


Good gift to encourage imagination

Review by Wayne

Our kids love them

The puppet set was a hit with out 5-year-old twins and almost 4-year-old son. Only problem is they fight over who will get which puppet. Hope they come out with more so we can add to the set.

Review by Felicia

My son loves his puppet

My 4-year-old son can not be parted from his dragon puppet. He takes it everywhere...in the car, to preschool, to bed! He has the dragon "talking" all day long. Great gift!

Review by Stu

Great gifts

Wow!!! Best gift I've ever given my 5-year-old granddaughter. Normally, she is shy but she talked a blue-streak using her princess puppet to do the talking. She not only has the puppets talking to each other, but has started to use her imagination to make up stories. The puppets are beautifully wrapped and reasonably priced compared with ones I've seen in the store. For Christmas, a puppet theater will be our gift.

Review by Gail

Great toy

Great quality and price and the kids love them

Review by Greg

Kid powered toys

My husband and I do not like electronic toys and like playthings that are "kid powered". This puppet set turned out to be a wonderful choice as our son makes up stories and acts them out using the puppets.

Review by Jane

Good recommendation

Before I wrapped the gift, I examined it and was impressed with the quality workmanship and details on the set. I was not sure how my daughter would react to the birthday present but her kindergarten teacher recommended that I give her some puppets since my daughter uses them almost every day in school. The verdict was she loved them and plays with them all the time.

Review by Frank

Their first puppet show!

When I was younger, I didn't much care for puppets. They honestly kind of scared me! Now, though, my kids love them. I was apprehensive at first when I bought my kids this puppet set, but I am now very glad I did. They love doing puppet shows together, and I love watching them. The puppets are soft but durable, so I know they will last a long time.

Review by Eileen

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