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Sit On Simulated Driver

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Great car simulator

I bought this toy for my grandson for Christmas because I wanted to give him a toy that was safe, educational, and was not another video-game type of toy. He can actually sit in the seat, honk the horn, shift gears, step on breaks, etc. all while "driving" on a a little road that rotates on his steering wheel. It is also excellent for days when he cannot play outside because of the weather, and his mom can relax and not worry that he is going to bump into things or hurt himself.

Review by Layla

Driving time

This is a real great car simulation for kids. It has a shifter, bouncy seat, steering wheel, and even a small screen for the child to watch while they drive. It also plays different car-type sounds. My 4 year old son has really enjoyed "driving his car" since we got it for him 2 months ago.

Review by Karl

My son thinks he is Dale Earnhardt

I have a little man who is really into cars. He loves playing car games and watching the races, and he's always asking to drive our car!! Of course I can't let him do that, but I bought him this toy to hold him over until he's 16. It has working gas and brake pedals, as well as a shifter. It also makes lots of different car sounds, and he loves that! This was a real great purchase

Review by Brent

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