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Child-Sized Power Gardening Tools

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great toy!

Review by dee

My son is in heaven with these tools

My 2 1/2 year old son got this set for Christmas and he LOVES them. He plays with them everyday. The sounds and lights make it extra fun. If your kid loves Daddy's yard tools, they will love this toy. Very fun!

Review by Lisa

Outside fun

It's getting hot outside, and the lawn doesn't take care of itself! My son isn't "quite" old enough to have him do the lawn chores, but with this set, he can feel like he's helping dad! It comes with different lawn tools like a mower, leaf blower, and chainsaw. It also has goggles and gloves (safety first!). He loves being out there helping me out...just remember the sun screen!

Review by Beau

Getting them started young!

My little man loves doing whatever his daddy is doing, even when daddy doesn't want to do it! He loves following me around while I take care of the lawn, and with this set of toy garden tools, he gets to feel like he's a part of the process too. All the pieces are built really well, so I don't have to worry about them falling apart while he's playing with them outside. Hopefully someday he can get the real thing and enjoy helping out as much as he does now!

Review by Brian

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