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Hardwood Unit Blocks Super Saver Set

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Great buy. Kids never bored.

THese are a wonderful toy. We bought them because our original Playskool brand (circa 1966) passed from my oldest brother down through 8 kids in two generations had finally become too worn and splintered to play with. I have four girls 6 & under. They have the Loving Family Dollhouse and they would rather play with the blocks utilizing the people than the house. They make elaborate decks and play sets for the people, as well as boats & houses. They have also made roads with bridges for matchbox. These are a great investment. The two year old plays with them now too. The directions that came with the original set recommended to not build too much for the children but to let them figure it out. Its amazing what they'll build. We have had this set for two years and so far it has held up well to dings. 1 ramp has a nick in the edge, but the wood has to be cut that thin or you don't have a ramp. We are looking to buy another set this year along with a storage box. I would recommend casters on the storage box unless you have a set play place for them. Wonderful price compared with what we've seen online and they use them for everything. As a kid I played legos, barbies, and other stuff with it. A great way to minimize toys. They'll invent what they need with the blocks.

Review by Mom of girls

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