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Puppet Theater

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Very entertaining

We gave the puppet theatre to our granddaughter for her 4th birthday and she was thrilled with it and started playing with it right away. We also got her 2 puppets to go with it. It is very well built and not that hard to put together. It's very colorful. She was always having her little plush toys "talk" to each other so we feel this will be a very creative toy for her and with the play clock on it, should help her to learn time. She likes "writing" on the chalkboard below too. I would recommend this item.

Review by Helen

Time for a puppet show!

I bought this for my daycare that I run. It's a pretty small daycare; usually 3 or 4 kids a day. I thought having a puppet show would be a good way to keep them all entertained, and I was right! This theater is a great value for what it is. It's made of solid wood and the designs look great! Just remember, it doesn't come with puppets! Make sure if you don't have any that you pick some up, so you can have great puppet shows!

Review by Barbara

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