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Jr. Champ Boxing Set

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Product Description

Great indoor fun

We bought this for my 4 year old for Christmas after he'd played with a similar bag at a friend's house. It's great quality and has been a nice addition to the things he can do inside when the weather is cold and he needs to get his wiggles out.

Review by Kristen

Great bag

There comes in a time in most little boys lives when they want their first punching bag. My son is 6, and he wanted one, so we decided to get him this one. It works great, especially for the price. Comes with gloves, everything you need punching bag wise, and a pump to blow up the ball. He's loving it, and it's still standing

Review by Ron

Great punching bag

They thought of everything when they made this product. It comes with the bass, bag, staff, pump, and gloves.It's got an adjustment for height, so when your kid grows, you don't have to get rid of it. It has the pump in case the bag deflates. It has everything you need! Some people may not want it because they think it "promotes fighting" but that certainly isn't the case. Toys like this are great for kids to exercise and increase motor skills. My son is 6 and he absolutely loves this boxing set!

Review by Charles

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