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Dinosaur Research Playset

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  • 32 pc. set.
  • 6 additional dinosaurs
  • Cage, net and accessories included
  • Ages 4 yrs. +.

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Product Description

Excitement awaits as 4 intrepid explorers arrive in their 18 1/2" L. x 5 3/4" W. x 10" H. helicopter with all their gear to study the dinosaurs! Set out on the motorcycle to find the 8 1/2" T-Rex and the other dinos. Figures stand 3 1/2" H.
  • 32 pc. set.
  • 6 additional dinosaurs
  • Cage, net and accessories included
  • Ages 4 yrs. +.
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Poor quality

I love CP toys and, in general, think they make good procducts. However, this is an exception. The hooks/netting/ladder broke within one hour of opening the toy. The company is not standing by it's product. For 80$, it should last longer.

Dear Sunny,

Our service team is going to contact you regarding your experience with this item. We deeply apologize for not meeting your expectations and will ensure that you know we *do* stand behind our product, even during the very rare instances where there is a quality issue. We assure you that the problem you describe is very atypical but would be happy to discuss with you to make it right. Please email us at custservice@ustoyco.com at your convenience.

Warm regards,

CP Toys Merchant & Service Team

Review by sunny

Time will tell

I just purchased this item for my grandson because he's hyped up on the Jurassic movie and he hasn't stopped playing with it for two days. I was scared because the cost was pretty steep, but I couldn't find anything like the helicopter so gave it a shot. Time will tell if the toy holds up because I can hear him clanging with it, but so far the response is all I could hope for.

Review by Tori W.

I'd pay more

I don't understand the below reviews, nowhere does it say anything lights up or makes sounds. My grandson wanted this as his top Christmas wish item too and when he opened it up he was thrilled. It's four months later and he still brings it over to play with, I don't know if he's done that with any toy I've ever given him and because of that I'd pay whatever! The only reason I even remember this item is he wanted me to come back and see if anything else was available but I'm not finding anything. Is there going to be more add-ons soon?

Review by Grandpa Joe


My 3 year old son is crazy about dinosaurs and so he loves playing with this playset. Its the only thing he asked for for Christmas. The large dinosaurs are articulated and the very large helicopter has engaging features like a cargo hook, working winch, and open/close doors.

The helicopter and two dinosaur seem as if they were originally designed for battery operation...and then for some reason the manufacturer changed their minds about that feature. For instance, the helicopter has a battery compartment, non functional switch, and two led light "bubbles". The battery compartment has no circuity and the leds were not installed as well. The two large dinosaurs have a battery compartment as well, but a plug is inserted instead of a access screw.

$80 bucks seems like a steep price when compared to other toys on the market when considering the features and components. Did CP toys forget to drop the price when they eliminated the electronic features?

Dear Odiferous,

Thank you for the high compliments about this item! It's extremely challenging to offer a unique, quality and high piece count toy such as this to customers, and with it comes some tough decisions. Specific to your question about the battery compartments - the electronic functions were not included because it would have increased the price as you suspected :) Based on feedback and responses from customers like you who are reporting their children's delight, we think we made the right choice though, as it's been very positive overall. We definitely appreciate the feedback and were thrilled with your first comment about how much your son "loves playing with" the item - because that's the best praise we can get!

The CP Toys Merchant Team

Review by odiferous


My grandson loved this toy!!!! He is five and his cousins 6&7 loved playing with it. great quality!!

Review by judy

Kid Thrilled - I'm Not

Overall my son is ecstatic with the set, I wasn't thrilled with paying $80 for the set but it was his #1 choice. Of course on Christmas morning he opens it and everything seems fine but it looks like the T-Rex has a missing component on its belly for batteries or something but unsure because there are no instructions. Went to the website and it gives you an option for refund but no replacement. Ugh! I just wanted to get a new T-Rex without sending the whole set back. So feel like I'm stuck.

Dear JenFlynn42,

Thank you for the feedback on how happy your son was with this play set. We do not advertise any components as being battery operational as they are not. We want every experience to be positive, so if you are dissatisfied, please contact our customer service department at 1.800.448.1412 and we'll be happy to work out the return.

The CP Toys Merchant Team

Review by jenflynn42

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