Crafts in the Classroom: Snow Cloud


A perfect way to bring Winter into this classroom on these snowy days. This craft was recreated from Preschool Crafts for Kids. Materials Needed: blue construction paper white paper yarn or string glue tape scissors cotton balls Directions: Trace and cut out a cloud shape from blue paper. Cut out three, 5” squares from the […]

Great Winter Field Trip Ideas

Winter Classroom

There’s no experience for a young student quite like field trip day. A fun field trip is comparable to a mini-vacation; it is a break in the normal school routine, and it is always sure to be a great time! All of us remember our favorite field trip from when we were younger, whether it […]

Winter Classroom Activities


It’s that time of year again! As winter approaches and the air begins to chill children spend less and less time outdoors. While it may be too cold to go outside, it can be quite the sensory experience to bring the winter in. Here is our collection of classroom activities that are perfect for bringing […]

Our Favorite Children’s Books


Books are a wonderful way to connect with our children. From bedtime to reading by the fire, story time builds stronger bonds, encourages language and logical thinking skills and promotes academic excellence. At CP Toys, we carry dozens of books with themes ranging from the holidays to friendship. Below is a list of just a […]

The Santa Talk


One of the greatest Christmas traditions for families every year is to put milk and cookies out for Santa Claus and try to stay awake until he comes with his reindeer to deliver gifts for the family. Millions of kids around the world get excited to possibly meet this mysterious man that has been supplying […]

Throw the Perfect Holiday Party!

Who doesn’t love throwing a party? There is something magical about sitting down, planning the decorations, creating the guest list, cooking the food, and opening your doors to friends and family. For one night, you can feel like “the hostess with the mostest” and sit back humbly while everyone showers you with compliments on how […]