Creative Classroom Environments

Back-to-school season means a lot of different things to a teacher. For starters, it means no more sleeping in! It also means that you are about to meet an entire new group of students that you will be working closely with for the next 9 months. With every new group of students, there come many […]

The Benefits of Open Ended Play

Going to the toy store to purchase a new toy for your child has become quite the daunting task. There are options upon options, and all of them seem to be way beyond your intended budget. What started out as an act of love intended to bring joy to your child has turned into a […]

Preparing Your Children for Back to School

The end of summer and beginning of back to school is never unexpected, but can often catch parents and kids off guard. It’s almost a surprise when the end of summer rolls around, and you realize you have done very little to prepare for this important time of year. While it is true that kids […]

Preparing for Back to School – 5 Easy Steps

Every teacher understands that back to school isn’t just a big deal to the kids; it affects the teachers just as much! For many educators, the summer is just as sacred to them as it is to the children on their breaks. When back to school season starts peeking its head around the corner, it […]