Bully Prevention

Little boy standing up for himself and saying NO to bullying by blowing a raspberry at the bully in front of a blackboard at school

It is National Bully Prevention Month, and at Constructive Playthings, we want to take this opportunity to educate on the very real problem of bullying. Every day, so many children are victim to bullying on the bus, on the playground, and in the classroom. Bullying is an awful experience for a child to go to, […]

Managing Emotions In the Classroom


In case you haven’t realized it yet, human emotions are an extremely complex entity! We express emotions when we are doing our best, and when we are doing our worst. We work to create emotions, and oftentimes, our emotions have a way of coming out even when we wish they wouldn’t. As a young child, these […]

Career Play

091415-CPX-1150group of 16

It is so important for young children to engage in dramatic play. When children can put on their pretend hats and make believe that they are anyone that they want to be, they are actually enhancing their cognitive skills in so many great ways. Pretend dramatic play is something that should be encouraged at home […]

The Benefits of Doll Play

090315-iStock_000039026098_Large - Doll Play Blog Image

Dolls are timeless toys for young children. For years young girls and boys have created fantasy worlds for them and their dolls. Tea parties, playing house, and generally just taking their dolls everywhere are commonplace for most young children. It seems that young children love taking the mom/dad/big sibling role with their dolls. But what […]

Building Fine Motor Skills


Developing fine motor skills is something so integral to a young developing mind. Many activities that a child learns naturally such as crawling, walking, and jumping tend to happen naturally the longer a child is alive. These activities are referred to as gross motor skills, and children don’t need to be encouraged to do these as […]

Keep Learning Fun!

Isn’t playtime the best? Your child definitely thinks so. For young children, playing is the absolute best way to keep learning fun! New studies are showing more and more that play isn’t just a fun activity for kid; it’s actually a very important and necessary learning experience. So important in fact, that the United Nations High […]

Explore Storytelling


What do Charlotte’s Web, Beauty and the Best, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins have in common? They are all incredible stories we read when we were children! Even more, they are stories that we still remember, in vivid detail, to this day. Their stories and messages have stood against the test […]