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iStock_000015250867MediumWhat an exciting time of the year this is! Just about every school is back in session, and most of the kids are actually excited to be a year older and continue to learning journey.

Since you have a brand new class with new students who most likely don’t know each other, one of the best ways to break the ice is to throw a back to school classroom party. This will be a great way to learn about your new students and for them to become comfortable with each other.

Back to school parties can actually be quite simple. Have a few games in mind that the kids can play. Team oriented games are a better choice, because it will force the kids to meet the other students and work together.

One fun activity is to have a puzzle race! Buy 4 or 5 of the same puzzles and divvy the students up into equal groups. On your mark, the groups will have to race to see who can put their puzzle together the quickest! This is a great way to for the students to get to know each other in a fun way, and it can also be a great way for you to assess what place they are in.

Another fun activity is to really get the kids to stretch their imagining. Show the students a funny or weird picture that doesn’t make any sense, then have them create a made-up story about how that particular scene came to be. This will get the children thinking and creating, and it will make for some fun story times when they share what they think happened.

Children love to create and see their work displayed, so at your party, have an art project for everyone to work on. It can be drawing, painting, sculpting, or anything! Again, have this be done in teams so the kids get to know each other a little better through the process. Once everyone is done with their art project, display them somewhere in your classroom for all to see!

Back to school is an extremely exciting time for students and teachers alike. Take advantage of this time to throw the best back to school party ever; it will set the pace for the rest of the school year! If you are looking for back to school party supplies, we have you covered here.

If you have fun back to school party ideas, let us know what they are in the comment section below.

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