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Group of happy running kidsSchool may be starting soon, but summer isn’t over yet! While all of our free days will soon expire, we still have several weeks left to do whatever we want, whenever we want! Now is the time to take advantage of these days to spend all day long having a blast.

Every year, one of our brands, CP Toys, releases lots of fun and exciting new products. This year, we decided to have an exclusive sneak peak on the Recess blog and show our readers just a few of the great products we have coming out soon.

CPM-11 LABELDinosaur Research Playset

Explore the world of dinosaurs with this fun playset. With the help of the four included explorers, you have become a dinosaur researcher. This set also includes a travel helicopter and all of the tools your explorers need to research and capture the dinosaurs.

RED-152(2)Heavy Construction Tools

When you need to get the big job done, you need to bring out the Heavy Construction Tools. This set features a jackhammer, drill, saw, and necessary safety gear. All the tools make realistic lights and sounds for a great construction working experience.

cpx-107(2)Kitty Cat Park

Dinosaurs and construction tools are fun and all, but sometimes, you just wanna play with some kitties! This Kitty Cat Park features a huge selection of cats, accessories, and a moveable swing. When you just want to relax with some kitties, look no further than the Kitty Cat Park.

Summer may be almost over, but don’t forget to have a blast while it is still going on! If you have some other great toys to play with this summer, tell us about them in the comment section below.

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