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Parachute FunRemember gym class? It was the 50 minutes of refuge you had that landed at just the right time in the middle of the school day. Whether you were playing kickball, frisbee, or jumping rope, it was just what you needed to regain some much needed energy.

One of our favorite things about gym class was playing with the giant rainbow parachute! You know the one. Up and down, under and over. This magical parachute could do anything that you and your friends wanted it to do. While it may have been simple in design, it was abundant in all of the fun things that a group could execute with it.

It may be summer now, but you don’t have to wait for school to get back in session to play with that wonderful rainbow parachute. You can get your own parachute then try out some of these fun games!

Ball Roll. The purpose of this game is to keep the ball (or balls) on the parachute. Put as many balls as you want on the parachute, then try to keep them from rolling off the sides or into the center. It isn’t too hard with one, but the more you add, the harder it gets!

Treasure Hunt. In this game, you place several objects into a box that rests under the center of the parachute. Each person takes turns grabbing one item from the treasure box. The goal is to go under, find the treasure, and get out before the parachute comes back down. The more items that are in the box, the harder it is to find them in time!

Parachute Catch. Grab an inflatable beach ball and put it on the parachute. Make sure the ball is larger than the hole in the center of the parachute. On the count of three, use the parachute to throw the ball up as high as you can make it go. Try to catch the ball on its decent, and don’t let it touch the ground! See how many tosses you can go in a row before the ball falls to the ground. For a greater challenge, add a second beach ball.

Trading Places. In this game, one person should be designated as the name caller. As the parachute goes up, the name caller calls out two people that have to run and trade places before the parachute falls. If they don’t make it to the other side in time, they are out. The more people that get out, the harder the game will become!

Air Conditioner. This activity is the perfect way to end your parachute time. Each person takes turns sitting in the center underneath the parachute while all the others make waves in the parachute. This will create a very pleasant breeze on the center person, resulting in a fun air conditioner! This is great to cool down after playing parachute on those extra hot days.

You don’t have to wait for the semester to start back up. Grab a parachute and some friends and go have some fun!

If you have any other great parachute games, please tell us about them in the comment section below.

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