Summer Boredom Busters

Children with lemonade standSummer is in full swing, and that is reason to celebrate! Children are free from the clutches of school and the sun is providing warmth and fun vibes on the daily. Every day is it’s own mini taste of paradise.

So when you’re living the sweet life, what’s the problem exactly? The problem is, eventually, boredom sets in. It’s inevitable. One can only spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool so many days before it becomes old news. Luckily, if your kids have found themselves falling into this mid-summer slump, the boredom is preventable!

We created this list of some of our favorite summer boredom busters for you to peruse.

Start a Lemonade Stand. Lemonade stands are a classic way for children to have fun and learn about the basics of doing business. No age is to young to run a stand, and no matter how old you child is, it is guaranteed they will have a good time. Check out this WikiHow for some lemonade stand basics. (Tip: don’t drink all of the lemonade, no matter how good it is!)

Grow a Garden. Gardens are not only fun, but they are work! This boredom buster isn’t just a “one-and-done-and-on-to-the-next-one” activity. Gardens require daily attention, but they are fun and always worth the payoff!

Start an Art Project. Channel your inner Michelangelo and Da Vinci and create some beautiful visual art. You can do a classic painting, or you get creative and do some fun mason jar art. The possibilities are endless, and they are all a blast.

Have a Scavenger Hunt. Last month we posted a blog about doing a dino dig in your very own back yard. Give it a shot, and after you get done having a blast doing that, start planning the next scavenger hunt! Go with a new theme to keep things exciting.

Go On a Nature Walk. Nature walks are one of the best ways to have a blast, exercise, and learn about our environment. Go here to brush up on some nature walk pointers, grab your hiking boots, and get out into the woods!

Go to the Local Water Park. It may be obvious, but it’s fun. Do it once, do it twice, or do it twenty times. Every visit is a new water adventure.

This list should be a great start to busting that summer boredom. If you have any more suggestions for having a great summer, let us know in the comment section below!

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