Dino Dig

iStock_000016965117SmallInside of every little kid is the heart of an explorer. Children love to search and dig through dirt and sand in hopes of finding buried treasure. One way to encourage fun exploration for your child is to set up a dino dig for them!

Dino digs are very simple to pull off. They work best if you are by a beach or have access to a sandbox, but if you don’t have those luxuries, a normal bucket will do just fine!

Start by getting some toy dinosaurs and burying them throughout the sand. Once they are hidden, grab your little excavator, hand them a shovel and pale, and have them start digging away!

Once they find all of the buried dinosaurs, grab a magnifying glass and start exploring and learning about the dinos. Resources like this are great for teaching children about the dinosaurs in a fun way they can relate to.

Now that your child has done their first dino dig, they are a true archeologist! If you have some tips or other great ideas for a fun dino dig, tell us about them in the comment section below.

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