Summer Break: Teacher Edition


It’s that time of year again. It’s been a challenging 270 days (but who’s counting), and now, it’s finally summer break!

As teachers, we tend to enjoy these three-ish months just as much, or even more than our students! This is our personal time to decompress from the school year and just enjoy some free time for a couple months. It is cherished, and it is earned.

Chances are you probably have been dreaming about your summer plans for some time now, but if you happen to be looking for some creative ideas, here are some suggestions to make your summer break worthwhile.

Take Some Classes. I know, I know. You’ve been teaching for 9 months…do you really want to start TAKING classes now? Learning can actually be very fun and exciting (you should know this…you’re a teacher)! Not to mention, if you are taking classes toward furthering your degree, you could be slowly working towards a nice pay raise in the future. And if you aren’t trying to add a few more letters at the end of your name, you can just take a fun class like cooking or speed reading.

Travel. The beach. The mountains. The Grand Canyon. Anywhere that isn’t where you currently are! A change of scenery is great for the mind and the soul. Travel to a foreign country to have some fun and get inspired. Or take a trip to Hawaii and enjoy watching the tide come in every night for a week or two. You certainly won’t regret that.

Knock Out That Bucket List. Whether you’ve been meaning to take skydiving lessons, run a marathon, or build that back deck onto your house, now is the time! The weather is going to be great, and you have the free time.

Get a Part-Time Job. Now, you may not be thinking, “oh, now that work is done, I can finally work some more!” This is understandable. However, the summer can be a great time to make some extra cash doing something you would actually really enjoy. Do you like cooking? Check out the small diner down the street. Enjoy coffee? Starbucks is always hiring. Enjoy the theater? Get a part-time job taking tickets at the box office. All of these types of job are enjoyable and easy enough to do part-time without feeling like you are actually doing a lot of work.

Learn a Craft. You know you’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums. Or do oil-paintings. Or become a local golf legend. This is your time to shine (or at least turn on the light). You won’t master a new craft in three months, but there is no time like the present to begin learning a new skill or craft that you can spend the rest of your life working on.

Write A New Curriculum. For some teachers, they have been teaching the same lessons for a very long time. The summer is a great time to modify or develop an all new curriculum! It may not be the most fun use of your summertime, but when you go back to class in the fall, it will be like a totally new and exciting experience.

And Lastly, Do Absolutely Nothing. Why? Because you deserve it!

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