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Walkie-Talkie Series“Commence operation Soaring Eagle. 10-4. Over and out. ROGER!”

These are just some fun expressions you may get to use once you start playing walkie-talkie games! In today’s technological world full of iPhone’s and Facebook, walkie-talkies have started to fall at the wayside. Kids just aren’t as enamored with them as they once were back in the pre-cell phone age. Despite that, with the right games, walkie-talkies are still as fun as they ever were!

If you’re looking for some ideas for walkie-talkie fun, look no further! Here are some classic games that always provide a good time.

Capture the Flag. Perhaps the most classic walkie-talkie game is capture the flag. Nothing beats the excitement of crossing enemy lines to claim what is rightfully yours. Adding walkie-talkies to the mix brings an exciting new element of strategy. If you have a large group, set up two teams of walkie-talkies so you can communicate and strategize with the other members of your team, as well as creating intricate defenses to protect your flag!

Hide and Seek. Like capture the flag, hide and seek is a classic game that always has and always will be fun. To add a fun element with walkie-talkies, the seeker can say their count into the walkie-talkie, and the hiders can give hints to where they are hiding. This game is best played in a large area with lots of obstacles!

Scavenger Hunts. Creating a scavenger hunt is a fun way to mix capture the flag and hide and seek into one exciting walkie-talkie based game. Each team can hide a predetermined amount of “treasures” for the other team to find. Using the walkie-talkies, the teams can communicate with each other giving hints about where the treasures have been hidden. For a fun twist, add a role-playing element to the game, such as pretending to be pirate’s searching for buried treasure!

All of these games are a great way to have fun with walkie-talkies! Grab some friends, some walkie-talkies, brush up on your lingo, and go have a blast!

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