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playground funAs the old adage goes, nothing beats the good ole outdoors!

Spring is in full force, and that means it’s time we all get our shorts on start heading outside. We spend all year long looking forward to the beauty of spring, and it’d be a shame to just let it slip through our fingers. And playing outside isn’t JUST fun…nope, it’s actually very healthy too! Playing outside is the quickest way to develop a healthy body to prevent obesity, improve vision, reduce signs on ADD and ADHD, enhance critical thinking and imagination, and of course, get some much needed vitamin D!

Sometimes it can be tough to actually find activities to do with our toddlers outside. While we could just sit in the sun all day long and be content, our young ones aren’t quite the same way! Sure, the park down the street is a fun afternoon getaway, but your child will only want to be pushed on the swing for so long before they are ready to go explore new and exciting things.

To help you get some new ideas going, we’ve put together this little list of fun things for you and your toddler to do outside.

Do Some Gymnastics. Doing gymnastics is a great way to have fun and increase fine motor skills at the same time! Some fun gymnastics activities include tumbling, walking on a balance beam, and jumping on a trampoline! These gymnastics activities and more are a great way to have fun with your toddler while improving their health.

Go on a Nature Walk. Put on your outdoors shoes, grab a magnifying glass, and start exploring! Nature walks are a fun and beneficial way for young children to get quality outdoors time while learning about their world. Find a good nature walk path at a local park, or just go through the woods behind your house! Make sure to stop at have your child examine interesting bugs and plants (but watch out for poison ivy)!

Grow a Garden. Growing gardens are an exceptional way to teach kids about the wonders of the plant life cycle and teach them the value of eating healthy. Also, few things help a young child feel more accomplished than planting something just to see it start sprouting in the coming weeks. Grab some vegetables, herbs, and the appropriate outfit, and start having some outdoor fun in the garden!

Just Have Some Unstructured Fun! There’s no rule saying that everything we do has to be planned out and have a specific benefit we can pinpoint. Sometimes it’s just best to let our hair down and have a great time! Set up the sprinkler, have a water balloon fight, draw on the sidewalk with crayons, ride a tricycle, take the dog for a walk, read a book in the shade, pick some flowers, eat some ice cream, or just do anything that sounds fun!

No matter what you choose to do outside, just make the most of your time. The more you end up playing outside, the more your toddler will realize how great it truly is!

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