DIY Birthday Wreath Tutorial

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One of my favorite crafty party projects is a DIY Birthday Wreath. Besides the invitation, it is a guest’s first impression of the party inside. So with the addition of a few inexpensive novelties, you can make a fun themed wreath that makes a great impression and a keepsake (my kids hang their wreaths up on their door).

There are many ways to make a DIY wreath: yarn, ribbon, cupcake liners, etc. And, there are lots and lots of great tutorials out there for those. Just pick whichever wreath best suits your event, keeping in mind it is the canvas you will use to create your one-of-a-kind birthday wreath.

Short on time? I have a lot of friends who make fabulous wreaths, like Bethany of Sweet Georgia Sweet and Stacy of She’s Kinda Crafty, so purchasing the wreath is also an option if you’re feeling less than crafty or pressed for time.

The wreath in this example is Army themed, but I’ve also made them for a Little Man party (with a big mustache on it), a dinosaur party (with dinosaurs) and many other themed events by swapping out the novelties. The sky truly is the limit, and that is what makes a wreath like this so fun.

DIY Birthday Wreath Tutorial


For this wreath, the theme was an Army party, so I selected items from U.S. Toy that would compliment my son’s party. The novelties are inexpensive and are easily attached with a small dab of hot glue. And the best part is that it makes a fun decoration in my son’s room after the party, or I could easily pluck the novelties off and reuse it for another event.

DIY Birthday Wreath


  • finished wreath
  • assorted theme novelties (I used novelties from U.S. Toy)
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon


  1. Cut a length of ribbon around 12″. Fold in half and glue the edges to the back of the wreath so you can hang it up. I used a nice camo ribbon.
  2. Start gluing novelties to your wreath. Use a small dab of glue unless you want the items to be in there permanently.
  3. I chose to add a number “4″ to the wreath and glued it in the middle. An initial or larger toy would also be cute.
  4. Allow the glue to dry and hang up your masterpiece!

Note: The paratrooper used in this craft came with a clear plastic parachute, but I wanted a bit more substance for this project, so I removed the plastic parachute and used a round coffee filter in its place. I folded the coffee filter in half and glued the four strings to the coffee filter. Then I used a few lines of hot glue to affix the coffee filter to the wreath.

Vendor List

Army men, compass, and paratrooper | U.S. Toy
Number “4″, barb wire and camo ribbon | Hobby Lobby
Bomb | leftover smoke bomb from the 4th of July
Wreath | a repurposed wreath I use in many events

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