Sneaky Sugar

Sugar sure is delicious, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love a tasty candy bar or can of soda on a hot summer day?

Most people realize that, while these things are delicious, they aren’t exactly the most nutritious options when looking for something to snack on. Too much sugar is bad for you…we all know that. What most people don’t know, however, is that sugar may be in more things than we realize.

It is important that we know where sugar is hiding so we know how to avoid consuming too much. Additionally, we should know what types of sugars are good and what types should be avoided. This video, presented by Ted-Ed, does a phenomenal job of explaining how to find sugar and how much is too much. It also does it in a fun way that never feels “preachy”.

Staying healthy can be a challenge, but it is well worth it. Resources like this video make it easier for us to educate ourselves in a fun, enjoyable way!

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