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picjumbo.com_IMG_6387February is over (!!!), and with the advent of March, we start seeing a few new trends. For one, the days become longer, and we get the chance to hang up those winter coats. Also, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, people start breaking out the green t-shirts and shamrock hats. Perhaps most importantly though, people start to pay more attention to their health and eating habits.

Because of the amount of people attempting to become healthier around this time, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has deemed March “National Nutrition Month.” National Nutrition Month was born out of a desire to educate people on what it means to live a healthy and nutritious life. Many people understand that it is important, but they don’t know exactly how to initiate it.

At Constructive Playthings, we want to do our part in helping teachers and parents educate their students and children on what it means to live a healthy and nutritious life. The best way to ensure a healthy lifestyle as an adult is to learn these valuable principles during childhood. To do this effectively, we have put together a few different nutrition kits to help teach children the importance of living a healthy life and showing them how to do so.

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Kit – The Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Kit provides a vast array of hands-on resources to educate children about nutrition and good health. Ranging from puzzles to card games to educational literature, this kit has everything necessary to teach children about all aspect of healthy and nutritional eating.

My Plate Nutrition Education Kit – The My Plate Nutrition Education Kit is great for showing kids exactly what healthy foods to eat, and explains why they are a great choice. It does this by turning food into a game, featuring assorted food group pieces, flash cards, books, and more. The object of the game is to fill your plate with a balanced meal using the included foods and information cards. This kit also includes a memory-based lunch box game to help children fill their lunch boxes with healthy foods!

Get Healthy Kit – The Get Healthy Kit provides kids with a fun way to live a healthy lifestyle. This kit features a “Healthy All Over” CD that encourages kids to dance and sing along to health-based songs, as well as a selection of fruit-themed dominos, magnets, and scratch-n-sniff cards. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring with the Get Healthy Kit!

National Nutrition Month may only last until the end of March, but that doesn’t mean you and your children’s healthy lifestyles have to! Use the health and nutrition information you learn this month to cultivate an entire lifestyle of health and nutrition. We are sure that you won’t regret it!

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