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Building Blocks for KidsThere isn’t too much we can tell you about blocks that you probably don’t already know.

Chances are that you’re already aware that children learn more efficiently whenever they are able to have a hands-on experience. You also are keenly aware of the sheer feeling of accomplishment your child experiences when he or she shows you their newest architectural masterpiece. You may have even heard that playing with blocks not only enhances children’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also their understanding of math concepts, social skills, pattern recognition, and problem solving skills.

It’s clear that children love playing with blocks, and as parents and teachers, by all means we should encourage them to do so! The question of block play isn’t so much if they should play with them; it is, “which ones should they play with?”

At the core, any type of block play is going to be a fun and educational experience for your children. Certain blocks are simply better for certain things, whether it be education related or personal preference. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite blocks we sell and a small description of each so it will be easier for you and your child to decide which ones to go with.

Hardwood Unit Blocks – These blocks are made of a high quality, sanded hardwood, and they are built to last. This set is 82 pieces and comes with traditional architectural shapes such as cubes, pyramids, cylinders, and half arches. Your children will marvel at the creative possibilities they possess when they build grandiose towers with this block set.

Preschool Building Blocks – Just about every person in the entire world is familiar with those multi-colored interlocking bricks we refer to as LEGO’s. These Preschool Building Blocks come in a set of 150 pieces, and they interlock perfectly with the oversized LEGO DUPLO bricks that younger children have come to know and love.

Constructive Blocks – Small children can create life-sized structures with these very sturdy but incredibly light Constructive Blocks. The blocks are light enough for a preschooler to easily maneuver, yet can support up to 200 lbs. With this set of 24 blocks, young children can easily create large towers and bridges.

Color Mixing Blocks – These blocks bring a fun and unique characteristic to block play. Whenever they are stacked with each other on top of a light table, the colors react with each other to create new and exciting colors. Children can improve their color recognition skills while building unique, wooden structures.

“Build-A-City” Block Set – Children will have a blast creating entire towns with this block set. Every block in this 36-piece set has a different design or scene adorned on its surface. With every block representing a different part of the city, children have a variety of options when creating their own personal street scenes.

Designer Blocks – These colorful blocks are unique in that they are hollow, and can be stacked within themselves. This opens the door for even more unique and exciting structural designs! This set comes with an assortment of traditional shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and half circles.

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