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Emotion StonesBeing a toy company, we see thousands of toys come through our doors. Some of these toys are great, and some can be “not so great”. Our job is to weed through the “not so great” ones so we can be confident that our customers are getting the best toys they can get. We also want to be the first to let our customers know when we find a toy that we really enjoy! That is why we’ve decided to start periodically writing about specific toys and how they can be used at home or in the classroom.

The Internet is a great thing for so many reasons, but it isn’t without its limitations. When you look at a toy on our website that you aren’t familiar with, we realize it can sometimes be difficult to understand exactly how or why you would want your children to play with a certain toy. That is exactly why we are doing these blogs—to give less obvious toys some time in the spotlight!

Our first selection for this toy showcase is our new Emotion Stones. Upon first look, you would probably think, “those just look like rocks with faces painted on them,” and to some extent, you’d be correct. These rocks, however, are a perfect example of the term “beauty in simplicity”. We’ve discovered quite a few interesting uses for them, rather than just looking pretty on the shelf. In other words, they aren’t quite the same thing as your goofy uncle’s pet rocks.

Emotion Stones are a great way for your students to work out their feelings and more adequately express themselves. It’s no secret that it can be hard to figure out exactly what your students are thinking, and this becomes even more difficult when they are shy. Sometimes your student may just open up and tell you what is on his or her mind, but this isn’t always the case. If they are shy or nervous, they can use Emotion Stones to pick out the face that shows how they are feeling.

One fun game you can play with them is “Emotion Stone Charades”. In this game, you have one of your students randomly pick a stone out of the bucket. When they have the stone, they have to recreate the same facial emotion that is displayed on the stone, while the other students guess when emotion it is. The winner then gets to be the next one to pick a stone and make a fun face!

Another way to use the stones is to use them in your story time. This can be done a variety of ways. One way is to read your classroom their favorite story while the students take turns using the stones to describe how they think the characters in the book feel when certain things happen to them. Students can also use the stones to create their own original stories! Each stone can represent a character, and they can work with the stones to develop a story that pertains to why the stone is feeling that particular emotion.

The Emotion Stones are a great example of a product that shouldn’t be judged by how they appear on the surface. What we originally thought were just some rocks with faces painted on them actually turned out to be quite a fun and creative product for our students. These Emotion Stones are sure to be a delightful addition to any young classroom.

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