Be Dramatic! Encourage play with these great toys.

Have you ever noticed that children love telling stories? Whether it’s creating a story with their words on spot, or using their toys to create fantasy worlds, children are constantly self-engaging in dramatic play. Dramatic play is very important for early childhood development. When a young child engages in dramatic play that is free from rules and restrictions, free to wander where they minds desire, they are shaping their intellectuality. Amidst dramatic play, children increase social skills, develop cognitive strengths, relieve emotional tendency, create the lines between fantasy and reality, and become empowered.

While children can most certainly use their imagination to create dramatic play with any toy, there are certainly some that cater specifically to dramatic play. They tend to be free from rules and restrictions, really allowing the child to use them to their hearts’ desires. These are just a few toys that can encourage dramatic play in your child:

Tool-Tech Workbench – This workbench has everything your child needs to start doing their own home improvements! These tools allow them to take the role of a mechanic and “fix” items that need repair.

Bakery and Latte Set – If you’re raising a little chef of your own, this bakery and latte set is the perfect choice for them. Made of solid wood, this is the perfect pretend bakery latte set.

Big Barn Farm Set – Help your child take the role of the farmer with this farm set. Comes with a barn, tractors, animals, and everything else they need to start their own farm.

Play Vet Set – If your child is an animal lover, then they will love this vet set. This set puts them in the role of veterinarian, complete with medical tools, stuffed animals, and carrying case for everything.

Bar-B-Que Play Set – Everybody loves the grillmaster! This bar-b-que set has everything your child needs to set up the tailgate party, all the way from the grill to the burgers and hotdogs.

Kid-Sized Power Garden Tools – Who doesn’t like to play outside? These garden tools are a great choice for younger kids that want to help mom and dad take care of the yard!

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