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I think everyone can agree that personal relaxation time is necessary. We all need a break from the craziness of the world. Everyone loves a chance to sit down, get comfy, and enjoy a good book. Well, it turns out that this is no exception for your students! They work all day long on homework, doing chores, and chasing their friends around that they enjoy a break just as much as the rest of us.

In the classroom, sometimes your kids can get restless and it can be hard to keep their attention. It’s been proven that it’s easier for people to focus better after a little break. If you don’t already, schedule a 15-20 minute break time in the classroom where kids can sit, relax, and read a book of their choice. To help your students relax, we have a couple of quiet place suggestions for you to consider for the classroom.

Cozy Cube – This vinyl cube is a great one-seater for children that want to get away by themselves for a bit. There is plenty of room for a kid to curl up and enjoy a great book. The thick vinyl and cushioned seat make it a very comfy hide away spot.

The Rainbow Retreat – This canopy styled getaway is a magnificent addition to a classroom looking for more color. This nook will ensure hours of R&R for your students. There is room for several kids to gather with their favorite books and enjoy their break time. It’s colorful and exotic demeanor make it a great decorative choice for the classroom!

Nestled Nook – This nook is a great place to have a quiet moment in a busy classroom. This nook has a soft cushion to sit on and two windows to look out of. This nook comes with a shelf underneath the seat to store all of the classroom’s favorite books. The getaway nook is a great and comfy addition to any classroom.

Next time your class is getting a little too rambunctious, try having a little rest and relaxation time. Your students will appreciate it, and we think you’ll be happy with the results!

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