Crafting in the Classroom

It’s the first week of September, and classes are in full swing! Sometimes at the beginning of the year, it can be tough to get your students to engage. One thing that we’ve found that works to get their attention is fun crafts! We decided to check out one of our favorite sources for fun classrooms, Pinterest, and see what we could come up with!

We highly suggest checking Pinterest regularly, if you don’t already. There are countless free resources for teachers. While we were looking for fun crafts for classrooms, we stumbled on a wonderful project for younger classrooms. These Dr. Seuss projects are a great choice for younger classrooms because they are very easy to do and don’t require too many supplies (and who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?!)

– First, you just need to get a few supplies. You will need some safety scissors, glue sticks, markers, and construction paper. Alternatively, if you want different textures, you can go with felt. These are all the supplies you need for this fun project!

– Second, we suggest making one ahead of time, so your students can see a finished product before they start. Starting with either the felt or construction paper, have your children trace 4 different traces of their hands on the different colors. These will become the fish. After they are traced, work with them and help them cut out their traced hands. Next, help them glue their paper or felt hands to a sheet of construction paper. After that’s done, have them label the respective fish as “one fish”, “two fish”, “red fish”, and “blue fish”.

– Lastly, have them decorate the fish however they would like!

Projects like this one are both very fun for the class, and they help them get into the mindset of wanting to be in class. When you can get them to focus their mind on being in class, they will have way more fun and become more teachable!

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